Author: Catherine Boyle

Halloween Parade – Oct 30

Come to church dressed in your most ghoulish apparel October 30 ready to participate in the Halloween parade after the 9:30 service (approx 10:30 am). Prance, dance and go ‘boo’ in our Halloween Parade. Awards will be handed out to all our fiendish friends. No need to bring candy, the church has it covered.

Spooky Season at UUCPA

Centuries ago in Ireland, travelers along the road reported balls of lights that would dance across the hills and valleys. When followed, these balls would lead errant travelers on an endless journey until they tired and gave up or these mysterious lights disappear when the … read more.

Find the Gnomes!

O gnome! Recently three gnomes moved in on campus. They are hiding in the corners of the churches. If your child finds one or all of these gnomes, let Reverend Cat know for a special prize.

Upcoming Sunlight Meeting

Dear Families, 

Please note this letter contains a content warning: abuse. 

Recently UUCPA learned that a musician who has performed in worship services, is a convicted sex offender with a victim that was a minor. The victim was not a member of the church and the … read more.