Spotlight on: Finance

Everyone has a niche at UUCPA–a place where the things they enjoy doing match up with tasks that keep this congregation thriving. Right now, UUCPA has the place for you if you like analyzing data, creating spreadsheets, reconciling accounts, tracking expenses and income, or any other tasks of budget and money management: the Finance Committee

Volunteer Role Description: Finance Committee

There are other options as well. If you like dealing with finances, and:

  • prefer to work on a short-term project rather than an ongoing committee –> you might want to help with the November Auction.
  • would enjoy working with a team in one sustained burst, fall to spring –> explore the Stewardship Committee.
  • are comfortable with responsibility and like to explain finances to others –> you might want to train to be the next Treasurer (or be an Assistant Treasurer).

Finally, if this area of involvement appeals to you but none of these seems quite right, contact the Finance Committee and they’ll help you find the right spot.