Spotlight on: Web / Weekly Update content updating

I’ll be posting frequently about ways to connect via volunteering. Why? Because alongside small groups, volunteering is usually the fastest, surest way to feel like you are really a part of a community. The key is to choose something that you enjoy and that fits into your schedule. Today’s spotlight is on the volunteer job of updating the website and Weekly Update content.

We use the WordPress CMS, which is designed to work well for everyone from expert web designers to novices who don’t even know what CMS stands for. I had to look it up to write this. Now I know: “Content Management System.” See, I’ve maintained two WordPress blogs for years, and done lots of updating of, without even knowing this info, much less knowing any coding. WordPress: the platform for humanities majors.

Updating the website is a great job for someone who likes working alone, though if you want to, you also get to connect with some really terrific UUCPA members, like our web manager, Heather Chen. I know from updating my own WordPress sections that Heather is very patient, practical, helpful, and appreciative.

It also requires no meetings and can be done from home, the office, or wherever. It requires no particular schedule, fitting in whenever you have a little time available. Whether you can contribute several hours a week or just a couple of hours a month, it makes a big difference to the website.

And of course, having an attractive, clear, and up-to-date website makes a big difference to everyone at UUCPA. Almost everyone who visits UUCPA in person for the first time has checked out the website first, and hundreds of us depend on it for learning about classes, groups, services, events, the fact that the campus is now home to several gnomes, etc.

So if you’d like to make a big difference with a small amount of your time, and you are either familiar with WordPress or would like to learn how to use it, please have a look at this role description. If it interests you, contact Heather.

Watch this space for other ways to connect at UUCPA!