This just in: BOTH Xmas Eve services online (and in person)!

Thanks to the devotion of several tech volunteers, who are willing to defer their own Christmas Eve celebrations (direct quote: “Eggnog can wait!”), in addition to being offered in person, both of our Christmas Eve services will be online.

Join us in person at 6:30 or 8 pm (bring your proof of the bivalent booster), or have a candle on hand and join our service on Zoom.

And when you see William Phelps, Tim Berry, Paul Kostka, or Byron Brown, tell them thank you!

P.S. On Christmas Day, the service (which is at 10:15 am in the Fireside Room) will be in-person only. January 1, we will return to our regular place (Main Hall) and broadcast (Zoom and FB Live), again at 10:15 am.

Photo by Compare Fibre on Unsplash