To share a joy or sorrow . . .

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Weaving the Web: Please note this significant change in Caring & Sharing

Dear UUCPA folks,

As I’ve reviewed the next several months in my mind, I’ve noted some processes that have become more complex because, well, when they’re all in one person’s head, they can get that way. Handing them off, as I’ve been doing in preparation for the sabbatical that starts June 12, makes the complexities evident, and some of them appear unnecessary.

One such process is how people send joys and sorrows for the Sunday service leader to share. When we went online, we added a dedicated email address for this purpose. That was so important then; even though most attendees could use the Zoom chat as well, the threads binding us together were so tenuous in the pandemic that I wanted to provide multiple ways to share these stories from our lives. We kept the email option as we transitioned to a hybrid service. It’s not difficult for someone who leads the service almost every week to deal with three streams coming in to Caring and Sharing, but it is burdensome for guests and Worship Associates–and it doesn’t add much value for you as the would-be sharers, since there are two other streams:

  1. the cards that are up front near the pulpit (I encourage shy persons to fill them out before the service begins)
  2. the Zoom chat.

So we will have just those two from now on. I’ll suspend, not delete, the email address, and set it up with an automated response, so that those who do use it are directed to another options. If we find that it is missed, it’s easy to bring it back.

And this is how we weave the web of community, learning new ways and adopting new patterns as need be . . . Thank you for weaving with me!



Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash