Update on holiday craft kits for LifeMoves

A huge (and hugely belated) THANK YOU to everyone who helped build this year’s 118 holiday craft kits for children and adults living in LifeMoves’ transitional housing in Mountain View: enough for one kit for each child, each single adult, and each set of parents at LifeMoves Mountain View.

October 29 was a busy Sunday, with children in the Teal (grades 3 – 5) and Tangerine (grades K – 2) classes learning a little about LifeMoves, helping to prep the materials for all of the kits, assembling the 26 child/youth kits, then (after the tables were reset) working on the adult kits. After a break for our annual Halloween parade, our gorgeously costumed crew (and some kind adult members of the UUCPA community who let themselves be dragooned into assisting) returned to finish assembling the 92 adult kits. The finished kits were delivered to LifeMoves Mountain View on November 6.

Wondering just what went into each kit? There are photos of one of the child/youth kits and one of the adult kits below. (Note to our assembly elves: During the “quality control” check, we ended up adding Star Wars stickers, calligraphy pens, and additional cap erasers to the kits, so don’t question your memory when you see them in the photos!)

Thank you to everyone who assisted–whether by helping us build, or by donating to UUCPA (shout out to the Action Council and Children and Youth Religious Education Committee for funding this activity!). Thank you for helping us nourish connection, care for each other, and tend to our world.

UUCPA’s Mission Statement

We gather,

our different paths entwined,

to deepen our spiritual lives:

nourishing connection,

learning from each other,

caring for each other,

tending to our world.