UUCPA Auction Statements

All Bidder Statements were sent on the 3rd of December. We have now collected all funds. Well, one is still outstanding, but we know about that one. For some reason you may have a CREDIT on your account. We are not sure what happened with Raffle tickets, but the charges have disappeared. Ahh, the joys of databases…

Today all the Donor Statements were sent out. If you have multiple donor names, the statements only go to the email listed in the Auctria records. If you need any of the statements to be sent to others, either forward from the primary Donor, or email auction@uucpa.org and we can get you a copy. And yes, Susan, I owe you a special email. I haven’t forgotten.

Thanks everyone for your patience with the auction team this year.

Pamela, Heather, Lisa, Castor, Edie, Gloria and so many many more