Weaving the Web: my schedule this summer

Dear UUCPA folks,

It was such a pleasure last week to see Cat on our campus and how warmly she was greeted. In keeping with the theme of tomorrow’s service, joy and sorrow are intermixed. I’m excited to get to know this new colleague better and to help her develop what I know will soon be deep connections to the people I know and love so much. And I’m sad and still a little stunned about Dan’s departure. Thirteen years is a long time to work with someone, and it has been a great partnership.

Rumors that I’ll be on sabbatical are unfounded. My sabbatical is scheduled to begin in June 2023, a full year from now.

I do have some time off this summer. I have used little of my vacation and study leave time since last summer, so I will be away during these dates:

June 16-22

June 26-July 1

July 5-31

Colleagues will be covering pastoral emergencies during that time, so if something happens that means you need to talk to a minister now, please pick up the phone and call 650-494-0541 x25, any time.