Weaving the Web

Dear UUCPA folks,

The web of our communities has gotten a bit frayed in the past two and a half years, hasn’t it? Having had to adjust to isolation, we may have lost the habit of gathering together. And it is a habit: a matter of momentum. When we’re in the habit of meeting a friend once a month for coffee, or going to a newly released movie most weekends, or joining the circle of a book group, if we have one of those blah days where it’s hard to change out of pajamas, the momentum of those happy habits can nudge us out the door. When we lose that momentum, it can take some extra energy to get rolling again.

Luckily, it goes both ways: once we get rolling, we tend to keep on rolling. We can create new habits (or return to enjoyable ones from the past) with a little effort, and then it doesn’t take much to continue them.

Gathering at UUCPA is one of those habits–for me as well as I imagine it is for you. After the few months in 2020 that I was leading services from home, it felt like a big investment of energy to actually put on my shoes, gather together all my things, and drive to UUCPA to lead them from Room 4/5 (remember that phase?) and then, hallelujah, the Main Hall. That gave me such a jolt of energy that it was easy to carry on.

I know you might need a burst of energy right now, and I know just the thing: the Campus Vision All-Congregation Meeting this Sunday morning, August 7 at 10:45. It’ll be preceded by a joyful, soul-feeding service and followed by a joyful, body-feeding lunch (where you might be able to grab a seat at Rev. Cat’s table!). And at the gathering itself, our architect will share what she’s heard from us about what we value most, and ask what else we want her to know so she can turn it into drawings and plans. I’ll be interested to hear from you how it feels to be rolling along together at UUCPA.

See you there,