Weaving the Web: Find your gladness (at the Volunteer Fair Oct 2)

It’s here! One part of UUCPA’s mission is to help you transform yourself by doing whatever gives you deep gladness. Another part is to help transform the world by feeding its deep hungers. The Volunteer Fair this Sunday, October 2, from 10:30 to 1, brings them together.

At the Volunteer Fair, you can:

Find out the real scoop on what makes UUCPA run from the people who know

Sample the snacks at a dozen tables (sign up with whichever group has the best snacks? sure, why not?)

Sign the giant thank you card to anyone whose care for our community has made a difference for you


Peruse the new volunteer opportunities bulletin board

Leave a note on the new volunteer appreciation bulletin board

Learn how to sharpen your garden shears–bring them to the Gardening table!


Discover opportunities to bake, teach, fix, sing, plan, build, plant, sew, organize — whatever you love to do, there’s a way for you to do it at UUCPA!

More than 25 events and groups wait to welcome you. See you there!

Can’t wait,