Weaving the Web: Growing, learning, changing, returning

Dear UUCPA folks,

The sabbatical is here! Tomorrow is my last day until next January. I hope I’ll get to see you at the service and chat over lunch, and wish you well in person.

A sabbatical is supposedly for the minister’s development. I know I’ll learn a lot, grow from what I read and make and experience, and no doubt return changed in ways that will enrich our shared life here at UUCPA. But as we know from experience, the congregation doesn’t stay still during that time. You’ll also learn, change, and grow. Rev. Peter will bring a new voice and fresh perspectives, new people will arrive and become part of the congregation, and of course the plans for the Campus Vision Project will take very specific and exciting form. I’ll look forward to the adventure of discovering all the changes when I’m back.

In the meantime, I’ll have the adventure of traveling with my family for two months, and then settling in back home for lots of peaceful time taking classes, reading, and making art. I’ll separate from social media interactions during the sabbatical, but I’ll post frequently on my blog if you care to peek in at what I’m doing and thinking.