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Public comments on Juristac invited until September 26

Dear UUCPA folks, Our congregation UUCPA is a Green Sanctuary congregation, and we are also dedicated to reversing the effects of white supremacy. The proposed pit mine for Juristac (pronounced YUR-ih-stack), the Sargent Ranch Quarry, calls on us to act upon both of these commitments. We have high ideals, and you continually move and inspire me by the way you strive to live up to them. Here is another opportunity.

Photo from the Amah Mutsun Land Trust website

An environmental treasure

First, sand and gravel extraction on this site will harm mountain lions, salamander species, bat species, and other inhabitants of this habitat. People of our region have numerous other alternatives for getting these resources. “While there are many other potential upland sources of sand and gravel in our region, there is only one Juristac.”

Sacred land

Juristac is sacred land for the Amah Mutsun tribe. They have guarded and tended it for centuries, and now they lead the way in doing so once more (see: Amah Mutsun Land Trust).

From time to time when we begin our services or meetings, we remind ourselves that the land on which our congregation gathers is unceded, stolen territory of the Tamyen and Ramaytush people. When we do, we explicitly promise that we will not allow these to be empty words. We do not want to merely perform concern without backing it up with action. Instead, we promise that we will join with the indigenous people of our area when they need our solidarity.

What we can do

This is such a time. I hope you will consider the information here, and if your conscience calls you to help protect this land, take a few minutes to send the ready-prepared letter, or use the extra information to make the language your own.

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Here is something I said in my letter: I am sure that if the land were under threat where our congregation’s sacred buildings and gathering places reside, and we asked the Amah Mutsun to support us, they would.

Santa Clara County welcomes comments from residents, of course, but also from those of us who work in the county or have another connection here such as attending religious services. That’s us! If you are looking for further ways to help, this website will guide you.



Photo by Derek Neumann
Photo by Derek Neumann