Weaving the Web: Top Ten List

Ten things to love about the UUCPA Auction:


10. Grooving to live music by The Outer Half

9. Fabulous finger food

8. That moment when the ticket number is called and the raffle winner

jumps up with a big, incredulous grin


7. Bringing home something beautiful that someone made with their own hands

6. Filling your social calendar for the year to come with meals, tours, and concerts with the fascinating folks of UUCPA

5. Balloons from the balloon lady!

4. Supporting the mission of UUCPA while having fun

3. Arnie’s limoncello . . . no, Randy’s chocolate chip cookie bars . . . no, Sally’s plum jam . . . Forget it, I can’t decide. Something delicious and homemade.

2. Watching the children grow from preschoolers at their first auction, where they spend the Skittles they’re given on toys and games (or simply eat the Skittles), into the teens who run it.

and the number one thing to love about the UUCPA Auction:

  1. Being together!

See you there on Saturday, November 12!