Welcome, Peter Farriday, Sabbatical Minister

Peter started his first week on July 17 and will support UUCPA through 12/31/23.

Peter will work on-site office hours and virtual. Please come by his office or contact him (pfarriday@uucpa.org).


Because Peter works half-time, most often he’s more available during the first half of each week, and takes off time from Thursday afternoon through the rest of the week/weekend.

So if you’d like to set up a face-to-face meeting, after services on the Sundays he speaks is often a good time. Most weeks he’s also at UUCPA on Tuesday or Wednesday (and works the rest of his time remotely). Zoom sessions and phone calls can also be set for other days.

Whether in person, on Zoom, or via phone, the best way to set an appointment is to email Peter at pfarriday@uucpa.org. If it’s earlier in the week he’ll likely respond within 48 hours at the outside. If you email later in the week, he may not reply until early the following week. (This is especially likely if he’s preparing for a service that coming Sunday.)