What’s happening with Campus Vision?

The Campus Vision Capital Campaign completed its Financial Feasibility Study, and Rachel Maxwell, our consultant, delivered her report to the congregation on December 18. You can watch a video of the meeting here:

Thanks to all that hard work, the Campus Vision Task Force now has a construction budget of $2.6M to work with. We have been busy (yes, over the holidays) looking at the best way to use those funds in the Phase 1 project.  The Core Project listed here will be the priority:

  • campus-wide electrical upgrade
  • kitchen
  • main hall HVAC
  • choir room
  • shower
  • storage
  • sewer pipe
  • general repairs

However, we expect there to be room in the budget for a few other things. In January, we’ll get cost estimates for several potential scenarios (each will include the Core Project plus a different list of extra items). In February, we plan to poll the congregation to get your input on which scenarios are most appealing.  

At this time, we’re putting together the scenarios. If you want to let us know which extra items you would like to see included, please email campus@uucpa.org by Mon Jan 9. Otherwise, stay tuned for that upcoming poll!