Your photos, mementos, and names are invited – Sunday, Oct 30

This Sunday, October 30, we hold our annual service of remembrance.

If you are attending in person, at either 9:30 or 11, you are invited to bring photos and mementos to bedeck the physical altar. There will also be a place to light candles, and to write the names of those you have loved and lost. We will speak them aloud together.
If you are attending online at 11, you can include photos in our digital altar. To make sure your digital photos are included, please e-mail them and also let me know the full names of the subjects and their connection to you. You will also be able to use the Zoom chat to share beloved names, or you can email them in advance and I’ll add them to our list.
When you share names to be said aloud, please include the pronunciation. The hardest part for those of us who are saying unfamiliar names is where to put the emphasis, so do make that clear! We want to say your loved ones’ names correctly.

Take care,