Author: Dan Harper

March 29 bluebird

While we were live streaming the service on March 29, 2020, I saw bluebirds outside. After the service, I managed to photograph one of them checking out the nesting boxes near Charleston Rd.

From the Associate Minister of Religious Education

On Tuesday, March 3, I participated in a Webinar for congregational leaders on coronavirus (COVID-19), led by three M.D.s, including a pediatrician. The most important message I got from this Webinar is to take coronavirus seriously, but there’s no need for panic. In fact, the … read more.

From the Associate Minister of Religious Education

As an educator, I feel everyone should know the basics of nonprofit finances. This is in large part because I consider the nonprofit sector — especially smaller membership nonprofits like UUCPA — to be one of the bulwarks of democracy. Totalitarian regimes hate small nonprofits … read more.

Spring 2020 OWL programs are now full

All three age levels of the Our Whole Lives (OWL) comprehensive sexuality education curriculum are now completely filled and will be serving almost 40 UUCPA children and teens. This includes OWL gr. 4-6, OWL gr. 7-9, and OWL gr. 10-12. We will next offer OWL … read more.