Author: Dan Harper

Special schedule for Sunday, April 10

There will be some children’s programming on Sunday, April 10. Both OWL gr. 4-6 and SHYG will meet.

However, OWL K-2, Teal class for gr. K-5, and Neighboring Religions will not meet, due to school vacations — as shown on previous Sunday school schedules. Similarly, … read more.

Preschool free play on Sunday morning

We’re continuing to offer free play for preschoolers on Sunday mornings. Preschoolers who are toilet-trained and their parents have exclusive use of the playground next to Room 1 (enter at the white tent near the entrance to the Main Hall). It was exciting to see … read more.

Infant / toddler care resumes

We will again provide child care for infants and toddlers. Infant / toddler care will be in Room 4/5, right next to the main patio. Both doors to the main patio will be left open for ventilation, plus we have two air purifiers in Room … read more.

Playground Plea

The main playground (behind Room 4/5) is being used by one of our OWL classes. OWL class is scheduled to run until 10:45. If you bring your children to play on the main playground after the 9:30 service, please help them keep away from the … read more.

May pole dance

We are planning to have the annual May pole dance this year. Details are still being worked out. Since not everyone will feel safe around the May pole dance, it will be held in the front play area. You get to choose if you want … read more.