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Your Garden Chair Can No Longer Garden!

Since my physical therapist has instructed me not to garden, we need a team of people to help in the garden, where I can still provide instruction and guidance. Please let me know if you can help, whether intermittently or regularly. We would love to … read more.

From the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

Reading about migrant detention facilities, for-profit detention centers, the climate crisis and how it is affecting Indigenous peoples feels like a lot to unpack on a daily basis. But getting involved in the fight for human rights is easier than you might think!

Here is … read more.

Want To Read The Board Minutes?

The board meeting minutes can be found on the website under the pulldown “About”, choose “Our Governance” and click on “Board Meeting Minutes” in the lefthand column.  Or click this link.

Upcoming Bulletin Deadlines – Sept 1 and 15, 2019

September 1 and 15. are the next two deadlines to submit items for publication. Send them to or leave hard copy in the church office. Note that we do not publish personal phone numbers/email addresses to safeguard privacy.