Campus Vision Town Hall Postponed

The Campus Vision Town Hall, currently scheduled for Sept 10, is being postponed.  We are waiting for the county and the city to make their determinations of whether or not we need to build a commercial kitchen, and it’s taking longer than we expected.  Once we have those determinations, which we fervently hope will say that we do not have to build a commercial kitchen, we can proceed with the design process and schedule the Town Hall meeting.  Meanwhile, the Music Comm is working on exactly what they’d like to see in the remodeled choir room and we’re having discussions about storage closets in the hallway outside the kitchen.  As always, if you have any questions or comments, just email

Campus Vision Task Force: Sally Ahnger (Chair), Jeff Cashdollar, Kevin Crane, Bill Hilton, Edie Keating, Drew Oman, and Barbara Smith-Thomas