Sunday Meditation Summer Schedule

During the weeks when UUCPA has only one service (June 16 through July 28), Sunday Meditation will occur from 9:30 to 10:20.  It will still be held in the UUCPA Library, with quiet entrance and exit at any time during the session through the side … read more.

Re: Phishing

The Unitarian Universalist Association Website has an interesting article about phishing, titled “Phishing: don’t take the bait!”

“Someone calls the church office describing an emergency, claiming to be a staff member or leader. They have been robbed and need money wired to them ASAP.

“Or congregation members … read more.

Thank You!

When we needed someone to take the baton to organize a few Get
Better Bistros, Ana Crespo grabbed the baton and ran! Thank you to
those who have answered her call to provide meals. —Amy

UUCPA Bookstore And Used Book Room

The Bookstore is in the Main Lobby. It is open one-half hour before and after most Sunday morning services (excluding second Sundays when we have Second-Sunday Lunch) The Contact is Marilyn Stoddard (mari|

The Bookstore has opened on Sunday mornings since 1955. The store features books … read more.