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Weaving the Web: Priceless Neighbors

Dear UUCPA folks,

Today is an infamous anniversary, reminding us that the impulse to scapegoat the momentarily vulnerable is not new. On February 19, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 imprisoning Americans of Japanese descent. There was no more logic in the idea … read more.

Weaving the Web: ‘Tis the Season

Clearly, the giving spirit is underway at UUCPA. Our annual Undie Sunday moved successfully online. Thanks to your making over $1700 in donations, we were able to give 20 sleeping bags and a couple of large boxes of underwear, socks, hats, and other essential items to … read more.


How are you doing?

Photo by Chris Benson on Unsplash

This period of waiting is reminding me of a couple of times that I was waiting very impatiently for something that I cared about passionately and that was completely beyond my control. At moments, I … read more.

Weaving the Web

One of the biggest challenges about online church, for me, is the loss of casual contact. I am used to seeing about 200 of our folks each Sunday. It’s a chance to see how people are doing: using a cane for the first time? looking … read more.

Flower meditation 5

Today’s meditation makes another reference to poetry, sent by Brian Weller:

Black earth turned into
yellow crocus
in undiluted

–Piet Hein

We don’t have a lot of crocus around here, but the magic is the same. Plants turn earth into flowers. This delicate blossom … read more.

Flower meditation 4

My friend’s grandparents, all four of them, came to Boston from County Cork, Ireland. They started their families there, raised their children and saw grandchildren born, and grew old in this country. They were homesick at times, of course, and one grandfather talked about how … read more.

Flower meditation 3

Confession: I am not a fan of hydrangeas. I first encountered them by my grandmother’s front door, where there were a couple of pretty scraggly specimens, an inauspicious start. The big snowballs of flowers seem more comical than lovely. The foliage doesn’t add much . … read more.