Comfort Survey for New Main Hall Chairs – now through Feb 11

As part of the Campus Vision Project, the Chairs Committee is selecting new chairs for the Main Hall. We need stackable, storable chairs that are beautiful for worship and comfortable for a wide range of people’s shapes and abilities.

We are asking for everyone’s help to assess comfort.

We know that many people need arms on their chairs to help with mobility issues. We know that many people who don’t “need” arms prefer our current armchairs because the seat is more comfortable for people with back problems. Our plan is to buy matching chairs with and without arms from the same manufacturer.

We have three candidate chair models. Call them CHAIR A, CHAIR B, and CHAIR C. We have two test chairs each for CHAIR A and CHAIR C, with and without arms.

For CHAIR B, we have only an armless test chair. We understand that the armchair will be exactly the same chair, just with arms. If you prefer an armchair, we’d still really value your opinion of CHAIR B.

The test chairs will be in the Main Hall in the back row for four Sundays (Jan 21, Jan 28, Feb 4, Feb 11). You do not have to test all the chairs. You do not have to test both versions of a chair model. You do not have to do all your tests on the same day. Sit in a chair for a couple of minutes, a little while, or for an hour. Don’t feel guilty about grabbing a test chair for a whole service. Even though only a few people will be able to try that, the feedback is really useful.

Survey forms are in the lobby, in three colors, one color for each chair model. Armed and armless chairs of the same model go on the same form. If you sit in all five chairs, you’ll fill out three forms. A Chair Committee member will be on hand before and after the service to help you and answer any questions. It’s perfectly fine to test chairs and fill out the surveys at other times.

Your feedback is crucial to us. Thank you for your attention.

The Chair Committee
Jeff Cashdollar, Jane Chronis (chair), Amy Finch, Eleanor Lin, Judy Lookabill, Drew Oman