Youth in high school (gr. 9-12) will have different interests, and should find activities that best meet their individual needs. Options range from our Senior High Youth Group (SHYG) and service projects, to other opportunities and programs.

Sunday mornings

Youth with specific interests and talents volunteer for (or may be recruited for) leadership responsibilities on Sunday mornings, including teaching younger children in Sunday school, or serving as a worship associate in the main service. Some high school youth prefer to attend services in the Main Hall.

Sunday evening youth group

Our Senior High Youth Group (SHYG) usually meets from 6:30 – 8 p.m. on Sunday evenings. Youth group meeting topics have included the following: marshmallow roasting outdoors at the UUCPA firepit; discussion based on a TED talk; service projects.

Youth service projects

SHYG usually plans several service projects during the year. Many of these service projects will take place during regular Sunday evening meeting times. See the SHYG Schedule above for specific plans.

Major service trips

Every few years, when adult volunteers are available, there are other youth service trips, such as the July, 2015, service trip to Belize to work with Teachers for a Better Belize, working on schools in Belize. Trips like these are arranged when the opportunity arises, and will be publicized in the monthly CYRE email newsletter.

Leadership opportunities

High school aged youth serve in a variety of leadership positions at UUCPA. Youth have been elected to the Board of Trustees (Mo Jebian is currently serving on the Board, 2023-24), served as worship associates, served on the Committee on Ministry and other committees, taught Sunday school, and more. Often, youth learn about leadership opportunities through the Senior High Youth Group (see above) and/or the Coming of Age program (see below), but any youth who has an interest in a specific leadership opportunity is encouraged to contact one of the ministers or a member of the Nominating Committee or Board of Trustees.

Coming of Age

UUCPA offers the popular Coming of Age program every other year, for young people in gr. 8-9 and for gr. 10-12. To learn more about the program, click here. Coming of Age will be offered next in the 2024-25 year.

Comprehensive sexuality education

UUCPA offers comprehensive sexuality education for grade 7-9 nearly every year, and for gr. 10-12 when there is demand. To learn more, click here.