(Page updated October 19, 2021)

Sunday mornings for middle schoolers (gr. 6-8)
OWL comprehensive sexuality education (gr. 7-9)
Coming of Age program (gr. 8-9)

Sunday mornings for middle schoolers

There are currently two options for middle schoolers (gr. 6-8) during the 9:30 service. Neighboring Religions will meet online, and Ecojustice Class will meet in person.

Neighboring Religions — online

Neighboring Religions class visits other religious communities. We expect to make six virtual visits this year, plus one to another UU congregation in the area.

Our field trips typically begin with another UU congregation, moving through Jewish and Christian groups, and ending up with non-Western religions. Typically, we learn about a religious community one week, then go on a field trip the next week, then come back and talk about the visit on the third week. Please note that field trips can last up to two hours. You may have to dress neatly for some field trips.

We’ll be doing other fun activities during the year, including playing games and socializing. There will be different field trips each year, and this class may be repeated.

Neighboring Religions class is held on Sundays at 9:30 a.m.  Note that the timing may change when virtual visits are scheduled. Check the Sunday School links spreadsheet for the Zoom meeting details.

Ecojustice Class — in person

Ecojustice is a hands-on, project-based class that takes on a variety of projects related to environmental justice and nature study. Ecojustice class is held on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. 

Past projects have included installing a rain collection barrel, assembling a worm composter and then maintaining it, cooking without fossil fuels, etc. We have also learned about environmental justice heroes like Rachel Carson and Cesar Chavez. As we work on projects, we’ll talk about religion, human beings, and the environment. And we’ll ask questions like: Should all human beings be treated fairly? How about other living beings? And yes, you will probably get your hands dirty on some projects.

There will be different activities every year.

Check in for in person classes

Check in for Ecojustice class is from the rear parking lot, as shown on the campus map below.

OWL comprehensive sexuality education program

We offer the well-regarded OWL comprehensive sexuality education class for middle schoolers. There are two developmentally appropriate units for this age group: one unit for gr. 4-6, and another unit for grades 7-9.

OWL for gr. 4-6: This unit of OWL will be offered beginning in winter, 2022. To learn more about OWL for this age group, click here.

OWL for gr. 7-9: This unit of OWL is being offered in 2020-2021, but is full.

To learn more about OWL for this age group, click here.

Coming of Age for gr. 8-9

We will next offer the Coming of Age program for young people in gr. 8-9 in 2021-2022. To learn more about the program, click here.