Sunday mornings for middle schoolers (gr. 6-8)
OWL comprehensive sexuality education (gr. 7-9)
Coming of Age program (gr. 8-9)

Sunday mornings for middle schoolers

In 2016-2017, there will be two options for middle schoolers (gr. 6-8) during the 9:30 service. We ask that you commit to sticking with one section for at least a semester (Aug.-Dec., and Jan.-April). This means you can switch classes in December!

(1) Purple Class 1: Neighboring Faiths

Purple Class 1 will visit other faith communities. We expect to make six visits each year, plus one to another UU congregation in the area. Typically, we learn about a faith community one week, then go to on a field trip the next week, then come back and talk about the visit on the third week. Please note that field trips can last two to three hours. Yes, you will have to dress neatly for some field trips 🙂

We’ll be doing other fun activities during the year, such as group bonding games, as well.

When we go on field trips, parents/guardians must fill out a permission form for each trip. You can print out a blank form here.

— Purple Class 1 teachers

(2) Purple Class 2: Ecojustice

Purple class 2 is a hands-on class that takes on a variety of projects related to environmental justice. Past projects have included installing a rain collection barrel, assembling a worm composter and then maintaining it, cooking without fossil fuels, etc. As we work on projects, we’ll talk about religion, human beings, and the environment. And we’ll ask questions like: Should all human beings be treated fairly? How about other living beings? And yes, you will probably get your hands dirty on some projects 🙂

We’re planning 2-4 fun field trips this year, and at least one camping overnight.

When we go on field trips, parents/guardians must fill out a permission form for each trip. You can print out a blank form from here.

— Purple Class 2 teachers


OWL comprehensive sexuality education program

We offer the well-regarded OWL comprehensive sexuality education class for middle schoolers. There are two developmentally appropriate units for this age group: one unit for gr. 4-6, and another unit for grades 7-9.

OWL gr. 7-9 — we are currently planning to offer this popular program from September, 2015 – May, 2016, at 6:30 p.m. Sunday evenings. To learn more about OWL for this age group, click here.

Coming of Age for gr. 8-9

We offer the Coming of Age program for young people in gr. 8-9 on Sunday mornings from January – May 2016 at 11:00 a.m., with three fall meetings. To learn more about the program, and see a schedule, click here.