In our Sunday school, the elementary grades (K-5) are divided up into classes containing 1 to 2 grades (depending on enrollment in a given year). Here are the classes for 2020-2021:

Yellow class — gr. K-1
Green class — gr. 2-3
Blue class — gr. 4-5

OWL comprehensive sexuality education program

We offer the well-regarded OWL comprehensive sexuality education class for grades K-1 and gr. 4-6, every other year (next offered in 2020-2021 only if it can be safely offered and comply with UUCPA COVID policies). To learn more about the OWL program, click here.

Sunday morning curriculum for elementary grades:


Our age-appropriate Sunday school classes are designed to help children reach our four big educational goals: to have fun and build community; to gain basic religious literacy; to learn skills associated with liberal religion (singing, speaking, cooperation, basic leadership, etc.); and to prepare them to become UU adults if they choose to do so when they are old enough to decide on their own. In their classes, children play games, act out stories (as in the photo at left), have discussions, make friends (we hope!), take tours, and more.

Curriculum overviews are below. For a week-by-week online curriculum plan, showing lessons taught each week, click here.

Yellow class (gr. K-1)

Yellow group (gr. K-1), 2020-2021 — Children learn about feminist god-images using the story book Hide and Seek with God. This class meets at 11:45 am Sunday mornings, September through April.

Green class (gr. 2-3)

Green group (grades 2-3), 2020-2021 — From Long Ago introduces stories from other religious traditions. This class meets at 9:30 am Sunday mornings, September through April.

Blue class (gr. 4-5)

Blue group (grade 4-5), 2020-2021 — To be determined. This class meets at 11:45 am Sunday mornings, September through April.

Note: features of legal minors in photos above are intentionally obscured to preserve privacy.