CYRE Volunteer Opportunities

We are eager and excited to start the 2023-2024 Children and Youth’s Religious Education (CYRE) on 9/10/2023. We are still looking for volunteers to help. There is a smorgasbord of ways to get involved in teaching RE and beyond. If any of them speak to you, email Rev. Cat to talk about volunteering. 

Please note to volunteer within the CYRE program at UUCPA, volunteers must have attended for at least six months (or have a recommendation from their previous religious organization’s RE director) and pass a background check. California law requires all volunteers to attend safety training. UUCPA provides this. 

Facilitator – Our facilitators, also known as Lead Teachers, take the head role of teaching religious education each week. They read and implement the curriculum based on the needs of our children and youth. They check attendance and facilitate the checkout process for parents when class is over. 

Assistant Facilitator – Assistant facilitators, also known as Assistant Teachers, help the Facilitator in RE class with classroom management. Assistant facilitator roles are a good stepping stone for folks unsure if they would like to be a Facilitator or not. 

One Time Project Volunteer – Every year CYRE hosts a plethora of events not confined within the walls of a church classroom, including the Halloween Parade, No-Rehearsal Christmas Pageant, Spring Project (when all age groups come together for four weeks for fun and immersive religious education – i.e. Judean Village where we all go back to the year 96 together and replicate daily life in ancient Judea) and more. Perfect for folks who want to volunteer but are short on time. 

Our Whole Lives Facilitators – These folks teach Our Wholes Lives’ lifespan sexuality education from the ages of kindergarten all the way through 99 years old. Facilitators must be trained by OWL. If you are interested in getting trained for OWL, reach out to Rev. Cat. 

See something that sparks your heart? Email Rev. Cat. CYRE loves our volunteers and would love to have you be a part of it!