Extended Comfort Survey for New Main Hall Chairs

The Chair Committee appreciates everyone who sat in the sample chairs and filled out one or more surveys. The answers have been enormously useful. THANK YOU!! As a result, we have eliminated Chair B from further consideration. Chairs A and C are still both serious candidates and we still need your help.

We find upon analyzing our results that we would REALLY love to have more people use the chairs for longer times, ideally for half or all of the service on Sunday morning. We do not need more short tests.

Chairs will be scattered in the congregation instead of just in the back row. If you would like to move one to your usual spot, please feel free to do so. A Chairs Committee member should be available to help you if you need it.

Survey forms will match the color of the label on the chair. If you find that you cannot sit in your chosen chair for 30 minutes because it’s too uncomfortable, please DO fill out a form and tell us that.

If you already did a long test, thank you. Your survey will be counted in the next phase. If you did short tests only, we are very happy to take your additional feedback from a long test.

***Special Note: We do know that the Chair C armchair is too narrow. The manufacturer does have wider ones available, but we don’t have a sample. Please test this armchair if its narrowness is not a problem for you.

If you missed the original request, you can read it here: