Gather the spirit, gather the waters, gather for a party (and cake) – Aug 28!

Water Communion is coming! On August 28, we’ll celebrate renewal and new beginnings as we each bring a little bit of water and unite the waters in our annual intergenerational ingathering service (click for important details about your contribution to the ritual).

This is a particularly special time to bring the generations together, now that even toddlers have a vaccine (hooray!) and we are celebrating the beginning of Rev. Cat’s religious education ministry with us. A few notes about the celebration:

  • No waffles this month – because we are having cake
  • We will also have some gluten-free snacks, fruit salad, and some cheese. 
  • Why cake? To Welcome Reverend Cat as our new Religious Education Minister.
  • Look for snacks after both services behind the kitchen. And say hello to Rev Cat!

For some, it’s still important to attend events online or outdoors, and those options will remain. COVID has taught us new ways to be ever more inclusive, and we want to continue that trend.

However, we do have to be at UUCPA in person in order to share the celebratory dessert that will be served after the Water Communion service. See you there!

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash