Speaker: Autumn Vandiver

Flower Communion

For this intergenerational service, please bring a flower to exchange in our annual ritual. Dan will tell the story of how the Flower Celebration came to be, and we will take home a flower brought by someone else, like the inspiration and strength we receive from others. (Forgot a flower? Don’t worry, there are always more than enough–bring yourself!) — Worship Associate: Autumn Vandiver

Waking Up-Prior to the Pigpen

There is an ancient story about a young fellow who finds himself in dire straits, partly of his own making, and then “comes to his senses.” This morning we will consider some ways of making healthier decisions and avoiding such dire straits. Worship Leader: Rev. Robert Hughes, Music: Broceliande

Talking to Strangers

As children, most of us got a strong message NOT to talk to strangers. As adults, we may well experience loneliness as the circle of those we feel we can speak authentically with shrinks. What are some ways we can strike up and perhaps sustain conversations with those we do not know that might well lead to richer lives?

Worship Leader: Rev. Marti Keller
Worship Associate: Autumn Vandiver
Music: Aurora Singers