Speaker: Rev. Stefanie Etzbach-Dale

The Rev. Stefanie Etzbach-Dale, is our close neighbor, having most recently served as settled Minister to the UU Fellowship of Redwood City.  An ordained Interfaith and Unitarian Universalist minister, Rev. Stefanie is currently focusing on a ministry of Spiritual Direction, incorporating movement, visual arts, and meditation.

Disruptive Grace

We live in a particularly disruptive time. Much energy goes into adjusting to unexpected changes and trying to figure out what we do and don’t have control over, and, where hope lies. Today we consider the grace and the power of free will. Special Music: Larry Chinn, pianist


Grief is said to be linked with Love. When it comes, it is a violent, permanently life-altering experience. Today, in the spirit of Love writ large, we name and honor the grief within and among us. Music: Anneliese Messner, soprano.