Speaker: Sarah Kostka

Jazz, Improvisation and Spirituality

In this jazz-influenced service, Martin Manley will illustrate for us how music informs and inspires his spiritual life. He will discuss whether music can ever really be considered to be divinely inspired and touch on the paradox that many transcendent musicians are actually deeply flawed human beings. Music: Martin Manley

Follow the Leader?

This service contemplates the notion of leadership. What makes a good leader? A good follower? How much does being a good leader resemble being a good parent? Hint: good leaders lead you towards things rather than away from things . . . Special Music: Karen Van Dyke, flute

On a Mission to Discover What’s Out There

In this first of a series, we’ll look at the profoundly transformative idea that truth continues to be revealed and that the future therefore holds more to discover.
Special Music: Margaret Davis and Kristoph, harp and guitar
Today’s entire offering collection will be donated to Hotel de Zink.

Spiritual Friendship and Social Action

Many of us meet the Transcendentalists in literature classes. We think of Thoreau, Emerson, and Concord: of individualism and nature. Yet most Transcendentalists were Unitarian church people: activists for anti-slavery, women’s rights, and social reform. They developed and maintained spiritual friendships that transcended differences in social location, gender, class, ideology, and race – all because they recognized that my full flourishing as a human being is tied up with yours. Special Music: Jim Stevens, folk guitar

The Power of Hello

Small things can make a big difference. We’ll reflect on the ways someone has changed your whole day and maybe even your life by something that probably seemed quite small to them. And of course, we’ll open to ways that we can be that small and dramatic change for others. Music: Lewis Santer and Valerie Rose Price