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Beta-test underway for sign-in system

On behalf of the Membership Committee, thanks so much to everyone who has stopped at the sign-in kiosk operated by Jeff Cashdollar for the last few weeks. You’re helping us troubleshoot any glitches in our database’s sign-in system.

We instituted sign-ins during COVID, to alert people … read more.

How to Make Your Voice Heard at UUCPA

The Annual Meeting on April 19, 2020 is an important opportunity to have your say in how UUCPA is run and which programs are funded. Learn how to make sure you are eligible to vote and make your voice heard!

Make Your Voice Heard in the UUCPA Community

Once you’ve become an active member of the UUCPA community, formally joining is the next step in making your voice heard. For example, joining gives you a vote at the annual meeting and on matters of importance such as last year’s potential name change. If … read more.