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Tea is back!

New to UUCPA? Come have tea with Amy!

One of the delights of returning to UUCPA last month was how many exciting new names and faces there are! If you and I haven’t had much time to talk yet, there could be a lot of reasons:

You … read more.

Weaving the Web: The water’s fine!

Dear UUCPA folks,

It’s really great to see the return to community by the numbers. Looking at our Sunday participation, the number of folks going to services, Sunday School, and Forum has risen dramatically between 2022 and 2023. (We compute average weekly attendance for a month, … read more.

Join me for lunch!

Newcomers* are warmly invited to join me at Second Sunday Lunch after the service on May 14. In case you get your lunch before I do (very likely), there will be signs clearly indicating which table we’re using–take a seat and I’ll join you.

As with … read more.