Two special lunches coming up–don’t miss out!

It’s pledge week, a.k.a. Celebrate This Wonderful Community Week!

This Sunday, March 10, we have an extra-special Second Sunday Lunch, with ice cream sundaes for dessert. At that lunch, our emcee Sven Thesen will draw the first of six prizes. The way to get your name onto a slip in the drawing is to turn in your pledge by bringing the card that arrived in the mail this week–or why wait? Fill out this form right now, or simply email your name and the amount you pledge for 2024-25. (I’ve sent mine in already. I want a shot at those prizes!)

All week you’ll receive little videos with meditations, stories and songs from your ministers, and also, on Thursday, drawing number two, this time for two prizes. Then we’ll celebrate on Sunday, March 17, with another lunch after the service, featuring salmon, soda bread and other delicacies of the Emerald Isle. Dessert will be brownies, strawberries, and more. We will draw the last three winning tickets during lunch.

Being a part of this congregation brings me so many joys: hearing heart-lifting music every Sunday– making a real difference together in this aching, lovely world– planning and pondering with Cat, our radiant Minister of Religious Education–looking out over the lawn to our fun climbing trees, where squirrels and birds are chattering right this moment. And the greatest joy is having each of you in my life. Whether you’re an every-Sunday attendee, haven’t seen the inside of the Main Hall for years, or are just beginning to dip a toe into the life of UUCPA, I hope I will see you this Sunday and next.

Lots of love,