Wanted to borrow: your favorite books

Celebration of Books and Reading, February 5, 2023

Photo by Amy Zucker Morgenstern

On February 5, as part of UUCPA’s Celebration of Books and Reading, the service will feature an altar made of our own favorite books. Any book that has meant a lot to someone in your family belongs on the altar. It will make our space beautiful and provide the most delicious conversation-starter for our gathering time: “Tell me about your book!”

You can bring them that morning, but the more books I have in advance, the better I’ll be able to design the altar, so they are very welcome any day. I hope I’ll get some this Sunday.

The main office is open Monday through Thursday, 9 am – 2 pm, so you can leave them in my mailbox. Please put your name into them just in case you leave them behind–we want to make sure you and your books are reunited.

With gratitude, and with excitement about discovering each other’s books,


P.S. If you don’t hand them to me directly, please make sure they have a note attached that explains For 2/5 altar. I frequently find books in my mailbox, lent or sent for my review or given as gifts, and without a note, I might not know that this one is meant for the service.

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