Differences are an inevitable part of human relationships.  They provide much of the richness of our interactions with each other.  At the same time, they can make us uneasy.  Differences can lead to disagreements, and disagreements can lead to conflict.  And conflict, if it goes poorly, can lead to anger, hurt feelings, and breaks in relationships.  It’s no wonder we often avoid dealing with differences.

We may think that members of a congregation like ours should be able to deal with differences and disagreements smoothly.  After all, we care about so many of the same things, and we affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person.  Shouldn’t that be enough to keep us out of difficulties?  But the high expectations we have in a setting like UUCPA can make it even harder to accept differences or behavior that doesn’t please us.   Even in a great place like ours, conflict is a part of life.

The UUCPA Conflict Resolution Team was formed by the Board to help our congregation deal with disagreements productively.

Some ideas for reducing conflict can be found in these files:

Here is how to find out more about us.

The Conflict Resolution Team Charter

What does the Conflict Resolution Team do?

The current team members are

  • Kay Brown
  • Susan Owicki
  • John Pierce
  • Gregg Williams

The members of the Conflict Resolution Team are maintained on the online membership database (Realm): Conflict Resolution Team Realm Link (login required)

Contact: conflict@uucpa.org

Upcoming Meetings for the Conflict Resolution Team

Nothing scheduled at this time.