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From the associate minister of religious education

With more and more people being vaccinated in California, the state government is moving towards reopening. So what about reopening plans for UUCPA?

First and foremost, reopening plans for adult programs will be different from programs for children and teens under age 16. Until we have … read more.

Forum Topics for May 2021

The Forum meets from 9:00 to 10:15 Sunday mornings in the Fireside Room. Here are the topics for May, 2021:

5/2 Blanket immunity for religious organizations – Bill Hilton5/9 What does it mean to be an American? – Dick Duda5/16 Nuclear power to reduce greenhouse gas … read more.

April 2021 Campus Work Day Report

April 3, 2021 was a productive campus workday.  The team was: Chris Cassell, Dave Joki, Jaralyn Moran, Paul and John Kostka, and Robert and Nancy Neff


About half the parking lot was swept up, including large piles of pine needles along the exit drive.  Picked up under … read more.

Story for All Ages videos

The popular videos for kids that have been appearing in this year’s worship services are all online. Originally, the videos were posted to YouTube, but now that YouTube is adding more ads, all videos will gradually be migrated to Vimeo, an ad-free video hosting service. … read more.