Speaker: Thida Cornes

Power over Pity

Disability rights activists in this country are both precursors to and inheritors of the movement for African-American civil rights. In casting off the restraints of pity and protectiveness, people with disabilities have led themselves and others to greater liberation. We’ll hear a small piece of … read more.

Prophets of a New World

“A faith that is not the sister of justice is bound to bring us to grief,” James Luther Adams wrote. Religion isn’t primarily about what we believe, but about what we do: specifically, what we do to bring about the world we long for. Special Music: Season of Us
Appropriately, we will be giving the Peg Capron Social Justice Award to Jane Glauz this morning.

Following the Yarn of Curiosity

You don’t have to go to another country to experience culture shock, or learn a foreign language to practice cross-cultural communication. Opportunities abound right in your neighborhood . . . right in our congregation . . . And as many describe diversity as a threat, it’s a skill the world needs more than ever. Special Music: Melanie Clapies, violin

Lima Bean Respect Day And Other Neglected Celebrations

What we honor with a special day or simply a moment of our attention, we elevate in our lives. What needs attention that we neglect too much? (It may or may not be lima beans, celebrated last Saturday by those in the know.) And what do we attend to that we could begin to ignore, the better to pay attention to more important things? Music: Martin Manley, jazz piano

Our Lifesaving Superpowers

Daylight Savings Time ends: turn clocks back one hour.
In a world in which it is dangerous to fail to conform with gender norms, we have the power to make the difference between death and life. You can be part of UUCPA’s lifesaving mission, now, this Transgender Day of Remembrance (coming up on the 20th), and every day. Music: Veronika Agranov Dafoe, piano