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Join services via Zoom: https://bit.ly/uucpa_service_1015am_v3. The password is available by emailing  sundayservice@uucpa.org or on UUCPA’s outgoing voicemail message, 650-494-0541.  It is also included in the weekly update emails. To watch services live on our Facebook page visit:  facebook.com/uucpa/live.

A More Nuanced Abundance

We like to turn away from a scarcity mentality toward one of abundance–at least, we Unitarian Universalist ministers do. But does that set us up for further exploitation of the Earth, whose resources are not limitlessly abundant? Robert Neff was the winning bidder on “You … read more.

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    Board Members

    President Buzz Frahn
    VP Finance Kevin Crane
    VP Facilities, open
    Secretary, Kevin Ma
    MemberBarbara Smith-Thomas
    Member Heather Chen
    MemberJeralyn Moran
    Member Mo Jebian
    MemberMayo Tsuzuki
    Member Lisa Helmonds
    Treasurer Kay Brown

    Ex-officio Members/Staff

    Parish MinisterRev. Amy Zucker Morgenstern
    Assistant Minister of Religious EducationRev. Catherine Boyle
    Community MinisterRev. Jen Dillinger
    Community MinisterRev. Melissa Thomson
    Community MinisterRev. Stefanie Etzbach-Dale
    Assistant TreasurerBarbara Smith-Thomas
    Head Child Care WorkerPari Mahjoubinia
    Music DirectorBruce Olstad
    AccompanistVeronika Agranov-Dafoe
    Congregational AdministratorJeff Cashdollar
    BookkeepersKay Brown and Jeff Cashdollar
    Custodian/SextonEnrique Infante
    Handyman/GardenerJames Nelson