Topic: Intergenerational

Flower Communion

The Flower Communion is an annual service in which we each bring a flower, create an altar full of bouquets, and end by each taking away a flower that another person brought. Special Music: Yuri Liberzon, Classical Guitar
The order of service is here.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, Tuesday, December 24th, Main Hall, 6:30 & 8:00 pm. We welcome Christmas with stories, carols and special music, and candles. Come sing the familiar songs that are always powerful, and experience the magic of candlelight in the darkness. A small, sweet gift will be given to all of the children. Special music: Veronika Agranov-Dafoe, Liz Russ, Richard Heydt, Florence Haas, and others

Winter Solstice Service

Join us at UUCPA in the main hall on this longest night of the year! Our simple ceremony lasts under an hour, and is followed by abundant food – (cheese, dips, pies, nuts..) and also hot mulled wine and hot cider. Just come – food provided. Our solstice ceremony includes meditative music, readings, and all of us lighting candles to celebrate the return of light. We conclude by burning a yule log outdoors in our fire pit. Children and adults are welcome, we can all enjoy sharing a fire and some food on a dark night!
(Please note! This year the true winter solstice is on the 22nd, not the 21st, so please join us on Sunday the 22nd for our ceremony.)

No-Rehearsal Christmas Pageant

In this intergenerational service, we rejoice in the everyday miracles of the season, marking the winter solstice, telling the story of Hanukah–which begins tonight–and inviting all who wish to play a part to help make the story of Jesus’s birth come to life. Our annual tradition for the Sunday before Christmas. Special music: Larry Chinn, jazz piano

But What If We Disagree? (Intergenerational Posadas Service)

A conflict avoider’s guide to one of the most challenging aspects of community. It turns out that dealing with conflict bravely is less scary than avoiding it. The Posadas, a story of this season, will help us. Music: Gwen Halterman, harp
This is an intergenerational service.
Today’s entire offering collection will be donated to Ada’s Cafe.

Reinventing Thanksgiving

We like to tell the story that Thanksgiving began in the fall of 1621. But actually Thanksgiving has been reinvented many times, sometimes including new people, sometimes leaving people out. We’ll imagine how Thanksgiving looked from the point of different people over the centuries. Today is an intergenerational service.
Music: Sara Kirton, violin

Intergenerational Easter Service

Have you ever felt that you were losing something about yourself – or even that it was being taken away? Those moments are like deaths, and what follows can be like resurrection: something within us being born out of the ashes of what we used to know or what we used to be. In this intergenerational service, we hear the rest of the Easter story as Dan’s Unitarian mother told it to him, and Amy leads us all in using our minds and bodies to remember those transformative moments. We also celebrate several of our community’s newest children today in child dedications. Music: Elizabeth Russ, soprano

Intergenerational Chalice Service

For our fifth annual Chalice Sunday, we talk about where the chalice comes from in our past, and how we keep the flame burning for the future. Then we will watch our individual small lights become one great blazing altar.
Music: Mary Gospe, vocalist/guitar