For Such a Time as This

What religious, spiritual, and philosophical values accompany us when we go to the polls? For us to honor them truly, they aren’t just a matter of voting, ourselves, this week and in November. Our faith was forged for a moment like this one, when the most fundamental right of a democratic society is under assault. Some of the UUCPA members involved in UU the Vote will participate in today’s service, and we will take action in the service to guarantee voting rights that were promised long ago but have never been fully realized. Special Music: Brad Handshy, pianist

Between Two Fires

We’ll acquire some fresh, surprising, and timely inspiration from the history of International Women’s Day, which was first celebrated on this day in 1911. Karen Skold requested this topic after being the high bidder for “You Choose the Sermon” in the 2018 auction, and will reprise her former role as a Worship Associate for the day. Special Music: Lewis Santer, guitar