Our UUCPA safety policy states: “All paid and volunteer staff will agree to annual criminal background checks. Criminal background checks will use the service provided by our insurance carrier, and will be administered by the congregational administrator.”

Our insurance carrier, Church Mutual, contracts with First Advantage to provide us with nationwide criminal background checks. Church Mutual and First Advantage require you to fill out a two-page “Acknowledgement and Authorization Form” before the background check is carried out — that two-page form is accompanied with additional information, notices, etc. Click on the link below to bring up a PDF of the complete 27 page packet:

“Acknowledgement and Authorization Form” for criminal background checks (PDF file) — full form including all warnings, 27 pages

“Acknowledgement and Authorization Form” for criminal background checks (PDF file) — just the pages you need to submit, 3 pages

Please fill out and sign pages 5-6, and return it to the office. (We suggest you review any other pertinent information in the packet that may pertain to you.)

We recommend that you hand-deliver the completed form to the church office, because completed forms contain confidential information (i.e., your Social Security Number). We will store your completed form in a locked personnel file until we are able to complete the online criminal background check, at which time we look for convictions for sexual assault or abuse of minors, if you are a registered sex offender, etc. After we complete the online background check, we will securely destroy (shred) your completed form, and the only information that we will keep in our files is that you passed the criminal background check this year.

If you need to fax the completed form to the office, we recommend that you call the office staff ahead of time to make sure someone is there to take your form from the fax machine to a locked file.