Our Whole Lives (OWL) comprehensive sexuality education

NOTE: The Unitarian Universalist Association has informed us that OWL programs may NOT be offered online, due to the nature of the program. We are exploring the possibility of in-person classes for OWL gr. 7-9, should it become safe and legal to offer in-person classes. We are also exploring online alternatives to OWL.

THE INFORMATION BELOW IS HERE FOR REFERENCE, in case we’re able to offer in-person classes.

OWL for grades K-2 and grades 4-6 — In the 10-session Our Whole Lives programs for younger grades, children receive age-appropriate sexuality education, including how to stay safe. For more information about OWL gr. K-1 and gr. 4-6, see our OWL web page.

OWL for grades 7-9 — In the 25-session Our Whole Lives program for grades 7-9, youth learn about relationships, sexual decision making, and other facts and skills related to adolescent sexuality. For more information about OWL gr. 7-9, see our OWL web page.

OWL for grades 10-12 — To meet the needs of busy high school students, this program is scheduled as monthly meetings, Sept.-June. Teen participants report a high satisfaction level with the program, and it is recommended both for graduates of OWL gr. 7-9, and for those who have not taken OWL classes before. For more information about OWL gr. 10-12, see our OWL web page.