What kinds of e-mail addresses are managed by the church

There are three kinds of addresses :

  • AccountAn email address with a mailbox on the server – usually associated with one person as the intended recipient.
  • Alias: An email address that redirects incoming mail to some number of destination addresses with no additional processing. This is useful as an address for “more information”.
  • List: An email address used to distribute messages to a group, with additional processing that supports filters, moderators, digests, and archives. Each group can have an email list. The messages are passed to everyone in the group.

Lists are implemented using Mailman. Aliases are separate from lists. The Mailman List Owner (the committee chair or designate, not the Mailman Administrator) maintains the list, adding and deleting email addresses for the group.

Why should I use an Alias Address instead of my own email?

Use an Alias address whenever you want to put a contact email in your announcement, on your web page, etc. “For more information contact activity-info@uucpa.org”. Incoming email is filtered for spam and viruses and then automatically forwarded to you.

Information that is published on the church web site is available to everyone in the world who has a computer and a browser. Not everyone using the Web has good intentions. Spammers regularly scan the Web for addresses. Using the Alias Address gives a measure of privacy and spam protection.

For groups or activities that are ongoing and change leader, the Alias Address provides a consistent contact address.

Use an Alias Address anytime that a contact is published in the Bulletin, other Announcement Brochures, or on a web page. Printed documents are often available on the Web as .pdf files. This policy applies to all documents that are available through the UUCPA Web Site.

How do I request an Alias Address for my group or activity?

Send an email to email-help@uucpa.org with the following information:

  • Alias addresses requested (eg. activity-info@uucpa.org)
  • Your email address and addresses for co-chairs, or others who will also receive the queries
  • Your name
  • Your phone number (in case the List Manager has questions)
How do I request an List Address for my group or activity?

Link to Email Lists . You will need to know:

  • List name requested (eg. activity@uucpa.org)
  • Your email address (You will be the list owner.)
  • Your name
  • Your telephone number (in case the Mailman Administrator has questions)

Mailman list addresses are used by group members to share infomation, work on projects, and so on. Mail sent to the list address is sent to all the members of the list. For help, contact email-help@uucpa.org