Women’s groups provide confidential, deep connection. We begin new groups when there are volunteers committed to getting it off the ground and enough women with availability for the same meeting date and time. A group remains open to new members as long as there are fewer than ten in the group. Most current women’s groups are full but that is subject to change. Please contact Amy Zucker Morgenstern (parishmin@uucpa.org) to see if there is room in an existing group or if you’d like to start a new one.

Weekend Women’s Group

UUCPA’s Sunday women’s group, Weekend Women, currently meets on Zoom on the 1st Sunday of the month from 2 pm-3:30 pm and has room for new members. This group provides a space for members to develop confidential, deep personal connections. Contact Mary Grebenkemper at weekend-women+owner@uucpa.org.

Moms of Teens Women’s Group

The Moms of Teens group has been rebranded to the Parents/Caregivers of Teens Group.  More info can be found on the Parent Groups page.