It’s time to submit your pledge for the 2022-23 fiscal year. Find out more about annual giving and how to make a pledge here.

Looking ahead with anticipation

This year marks the 75th anniversary of UUCPA! Let’s maintain our strong path for- ward into 2022. More than ever we need your financial support. Our federal Paycheck Protection Program has ended. Our rental income has not returned to pre-COVID level.

Your financial gift sustains our vibrancy in key ways to make a difference in our community and in the world:

  • Supporting our staff
  • Maintaining our facilities
  • Allowing us to increase outreach
  • Building community through new and existing programming

“Helping make videos for UUCPA has been soooo much fun.”


Still, we made huge strides in 2021 and have a lot to be proud of. The many, many of us who volunteer so much time and talent, supported by our gifted ministers and staff, rose to the challenge of the pandemic. Our resilience makes a difference. An explosion of opportunity encouraged us to learn together and take action in many ways:

  • Providing in-person Sunday services and adult programs outdoors as COVID safety permitted
  • Creating an innovative and entirely outdoors children’s program
  • Continuing and improving our online services and classes
  • Adding the Safe Parking Program to serve the homeless
  • Reaching out to newcomers by hiring the talented John Wright to continue our position of Membership Engagement Coordinator
  • Developing for our Main Hall audio, video, and air filtration systems
  • Beautifying our campus with new paint and colorful doors
  • Moving toward carbon neutrality by upgrading heating and cooling systems
  • Caring for our planet by limiting single-use plastics

Videos with EcoJustice Defender, the Stuffies, and others enlivened our virtual services.

John Wright engages members with warmth and talent as did BJ, his predecessor.

“This is my third congregation and I think UUCPA is really special because it’s a UU com- munity that puts our principles into practice. It’s one thing to talk about trying to make a difference. It’s another thing to try to address issues like homelessness directly through providing shelter and meals.”


Resilience that makes a difference

If you wish to make a pledge to support UUCPA as part of our annual Canvass and did not receive a pledge packet in the U.S. mail, please contact

Thank you for your pledge!