Our Sunday School Teachers

People who offer to teach in the Sunday school are the heart and soul of religious education at UUCPA. Their teaching ministry is one of deed more than word, of setting an example more than wordy instruction. Their caring presence encourages new learning and new growth for all generations.

Each year, parents, grandparents, non-parents, and others volunteer to be Sunday school teachers. The Associate Minister of Religious Education provides face-to-face and online training opportunities. Teacher-to-teacher mentoring also contributes to excellence in teaching, since teaching teams typically include one or more experienced teachers who can act as mentors.

Because training and guidance are easily available, newcomers to teaching, and newcomers to Unitarian Universalism, find they too can succeed at teaching Sunday school. People who have never taught or led a program before are surprised at how satisfying this ministry can be, and they are pleased at how well they can meet its challenges.

Consider furthering your own spiritual growth by leading a church school or adult program. And don’t forget to express your thanks and appreciation to those who lead our programs for children, youth, and adults. Tell them how much you appreciate their dedication to UUCPA, and to liberal religion.

All our paid and volunteer staff follow the UUCPA Safety Policy for Legal Minors.