Flower Communion

UUCPA June 21, 2020 Worship Service Video

The Flower Communion is an annual service in which we each bring a flower, create an altar full of bouquets, and end by each taking away a flower that another person brought. Founded in 1923 by Czech Unitarian minister Norbert Capek, this ritual was spread all over the United States through the leadership of his wife Maja, and is celebrated in most Unitarian Universalist congregations to this day.

We may not be able to smell and hold the flowers, but we will still have a service full of blooms on June 21: dozens upon dozens of photos of flowers we have seen in our gardens, neighborhoods, vases, parks, and shared with one another.

Worship Leaders: Revs. Amy Zucker Morgenstern and Dan Harper

Special Music: Yuri Liberzon, Classical Guitar

The order of service is here: https://bit.ly/2NdwbuT

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