This group is a monthly discussion group of a humanist topic.  It normally has between 15 to 30 people. All are welcomed.

What happens: socialization, potluck, a 20-minute presentation, and an all-peer discussion.    

Time and Date: from 6 to 8:30 PM and is usually, but not always, on the second Saturday of the month

Where: usually, but not always, in the Fireside room of UUCPA.  Fireside room is equipped with microphones.

Click here for the coming topics, the exact meeting dates and locations

To receive our monthly announcement and reminder, subscribe to our list (Either click here and ask to join, or send an email  You will get more explanations of the topic and what will happen in the meetings.

Agenda of a typical meeting:

  • 6:00: appetizers and drinks  
  • 6:30: dinner  starts
  • 7:10: meeting starts  
  • 7:15: presentation and group discussion

How do we pick our topics?

Every 4 months,  specifically in the meeting of January, May, September, we pick topics for the next three months.  In these meetings, people propose topics and then everybody votes.

What to bring for the potluck?

To reduce waste,  bring your own utensils, plate, and cup, although we also supply them.  You can bring salad, vegetarian, meat or dessert that’s proportional to how much you normally eat for dinner.    

Why do we have “discussion” and not “lectures”?

For adults, discussion is a great way to learn.  Better than lectures,  our all-peer discussion is egalitarian, provocative, engaging, and empowering.   Everybody will have an opportunity to speak.   

What is humanism?

The most intuitive explanation of humanism is “Instead of waiting for a supernatural power to save us and the world, we human beings should take on this responsibility.”  Humanism calls for us to take responsibility for correcting the problems of the world and ourselves.

What is a humanist topic?

A humanist topic is a significant topic.  For a topic to have significance, it must address a current problem, which can be within us, interpersonal, regional, national, or global.  Examples of past topics can be found here.

What’s the significance of humanism?

It balances the culture’s overemphasis on the pursuit of individuals’ wants and needs.  It also gets people to pay attention to what’s really happening in the world, away from living in the head such as over-philosophizing or engaging in fantasy.

If you have any question or comment, please direct it to Emma

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